25 Music Based Charities for Your Next Fundraiser

25-Music-Charities-2-768x768We are honored to be included in Cyber PR Music’s list of 25 Music Charities for Your Next Fundraiser!

As Cyber PR Music founder and T.J. Martell Foundation board member Ariel Hyatt states, “It always feels good to help others and other musicians can always use help and support… We live in crazy times and the world needs more support, more love, and more empathy so choose a charity from this list and plan a benefit, shout them out on socials, do a Facebook fundraiser for your birthday, donate an instrument or go play bedside for a patient at your local hospital – it will feel great no matter what you do and you are contributing to our artist community.”

We are grateful for every one of our supporters and appreciate your help spreading our mission!

The Inspirational Story of Cancer Patient Ben Jumper

BenHe supported cancer research for years — and now, Music Row leader Ben Jumper is fighting the disease himself.

“Your whole life changes the minute the word cancer is said.”

Surgeons removed half his kidney, and doctors, after five years of clean scans, started to use the word survivor.

Jumper started giving talks to raise awareness about cancer research, and to offer them hope.

The fundraisers he organized for T.J. Martell Foundation became much more personal.

And then, five months ago, the devastating lung cancer diagnosis – and 33 radiation treatments and 11 rounds of chemotherapy.

“I really in the last year can say how blessed I’ve been because I’m truly living my dream. I know it’s a cliché, but I get to say it and mean it. I have my days of depression through all this. But I love every moment I get to spend with the family,” says longtime T.J. Martell Foundation board member Ben Jumper.

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