Update from our friend Royce!

21742102_10213293317383984_305512668_oSeptember is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and we are honored to support patients like Royce every day on their journey to health. The T.J. Martell Foundation was in close touch with Royce’s mother, Jess, when he was diagnosed at eight years old and quickly connected the family with the outstanding team at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles where we have funded lifesaving cancer research for decades.

“I beat cancer when I was eight years old. I want to thank Dr. Seeger for giving me hope so that I could stay at home and be with my dog instead of being in a hospital room getting cancer treatment.” Royce is a CHLA ambassador now because of what oncology did for him.

21754832_10213288507103730_1715010333_o“To this day we see Dr. Siegel’s photo hanging proudly in the CHLA lobby every time we visit and we thank about how nice it was to feel that level of support all the way from the head of the whole operation!”

Keep riding, Royce!

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