Stress can play a major part in your health and well being.  I have learned as a business professional that I need to have balance in my daily routine to relieve stress.

As part of my daily routine, I try to get exercise as it gives me the opportunity to organize my day and business activities.  I also try to do something fun when I’m home from traveling such as cooking or oil painting.  Reading is also a good way to wind down after a full day.

For those fighting cancer or any other sickness, stress can play a major part in a person’s wellness.  A close girl friend of mine fought breast cancer a few years ago.  It was a very stressful, scary time for her, however, each time I spoke to her, she seemed to always have a positive attitude and sounded stress free.  What kept her going was support from family and close friends, exercise, and believing in miracles.

As we continue with our busy lives each day, slow down for a few minutes.  Take a deep breath and look around you at the beauty of your surroundings.  Try to read a book, go to the park or call a close friend to catch up.  Laugh a little and enjoy your day.



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