Settings Goals: the similarities between running a half marathon and business

Laura Heatherly with Nashville’s Mayor Karl Dean. Mayor Dean started a great program called Walk 100 Miles to get people in Nashville moving!

As most of my friends know, I am an avid runner. I enjoy my daily runs as they keep me energized, relieve stress and help me sort out my business goals for the day.

This year, I am planning to run the country music half marathon in Nashville. I took the past two years off from running marathons as I felt I wasn’t focused or in the right frame of mind to go the distance. I’m really fired up about training and meeting the goal of finishing 13 miles without stopping!

Yesterday during my training run, I decided that running is actually similar to business. You set certain goals for yourself to run a certain distance, tackle tough hills, run without stopping and finishing the run.

In my business working for the T.J. Martell Foundation, I set goals for myself. I set my sights on particular projects, create lists of goals for those projects ( such as fundraising, sponsorships, donor outreach, etc. ) and then tackle those goals until I achieve them. Similar to running, there are tough areas in fundraising such as finding new donors and sponsors, keeping focused and meeting the fundraising budgets.

The great achievement that I find when I meet goals whether in running or in business is the personal satisfaction of making life better. My life is much healthier by running as I am more fit, have a great attitude, am a bit less stressed and feel fabulous. In fundraising, I’m helping to give hope and saving lives. These are great goals for 2014.

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