Q&A With Sandra Lee, Women of Influence Honoree and Cancer Survivor

Sandra Lee Social MediaWe will celebrate our 7th Annual Women of Influence Awards Luncheon on Friday, May 10th in New York City at The Plaza’s Grand Ballroom. This exciting event honors extraordinary women who have pushed the boundaries by achieving outstanding goals in business, work, family, home, and health while inspiring women around the globe to live their dreams. Every year, we love to chat with our honorees in the weeks leading up to our Women Of Influence event about their advice for other women and their connection to health, wellness and cancer.

Today we are proud to feature a Q&A with Sandra Lee, who will be honored on May 10th at The Plaza. 

1) What does it mean to you to be chosen as a Woman of Influence by the T.J. Martell Foundation?

I am just thrilled to be in the room and I am humbled by this honor. I believe we should all do our best to help one another, to share as much information as possible, and do both whatever and whenever is possible.

2) What piece of advice would you give to young women today to inspire them to follow their dreams?

I would say live your life being brave in every area and unintimidated- be kind yet firm and stand strong with your head held up no matter what.

Cement yourself in yourself.

Educate yourself and travel – everywhere and as often as possible. Do not listen to people who judge you – be comfortable in who you are, in the skin you were given and when you look in the mirror.

Allow yourself to dream big – as big as you can. Imagine what the best life is in this world, visualize it, and then allow yourself to have it. Go get it. Beware not to let others steal your dreams and therefore steal the possibility of your future.

Be smart, thoughtful and conscientious when the forks in the road arise—-follow each road in your mind’s eye and then make your decisions based on which road take to the best end.

3) What steps do you take to make health and wellness a priority in your life?

Schedule and Keep my doctors appointments.

Make as many heathy food choices as possible. No smoking, sleep, water, laughter, friends, family, work, play————wine.

4) If you are comfortable, please share one way in which your life has been affected by cancer.

I make every minute matter.

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