Helping People

This week, I learned about the passing of a young woman that I had connected with a few months ago when I learned that she needed some help with finding a doctor for her sarcoma diagnosis.

When I first spoke to her, I took some time to chat with her about some options of getting second opinions.  I also talked to her about being aggressive and doing everything possible to learn more about what she needed to do to overcome the disease.  She was very scared, but I told her that the best medicine for her at that time was to stay positive and focus on getting the right treatment.

I stayed in touch with this young lady and found her to be such a sweet person.  I tried to do my best with keeping positive and having an uplifting conversation with her to keep her going.  The interesting thing is she actually gave me an uplifting feeling about being able to lend a hand to someone I didn’t really know.

In the end, I am glad that I had a small opportunity to meet this young lady.  I realized this week that my role at the T.J. Martell Foundation truly reaches beyond events, meetings, conference calls, writing emails and raising money.  It is all about helping people.



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