December is AIDS Awareness Month

Did you know that December is AIDS Awareness Month? While the T.J. Martell Foundation is perhaps better known for funding cancer research, we are proud of our long history of supporting excellent AIDS researchers such as Dr. Max Essex, who is Chair of the Harvard AIDS Initiative, the Lasker Professor of Health Sciences at Harvard University, and Chair of the Botswana–Harvard AIDS Institute.

In 1982, Essex hypothesized, with Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier, that a retrovirus was the cause of AIDS. For this the three shared the 1986 Lasker Award, the highest honor given for medical research in the U.S.

His recent research has focused on the use of antiretroviral drugs for chemoprophylaxis to prevent mother-to-infant transmission and for the treatment of clinical AIDS. These studies have resulted in several guideline recommendations used by the World Health Organization (WHO) to reduce maternal transmission of HIV in developing countries.

We look forward to bringing you more information on this life-saving research throughout the month. To donate to our AIDS research programs, please click here.



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