Daily Exercise

This is a great running shoe as it glows in the dark!

It has been such a pleasure being in New York for a week as it has given me the chance to walk to work each day.  When at home, I don’t have the opportunity to walk to work, so I make a point of running or walking at least 4 miles four times a week and go to the local YMCA for strength training.

For those of us who are constantly thinking about managing our health, daily exercise is important for our mental being as well as our physical maintenance.  I have found that having a daily routine is best.  Here are a few tips to help:

  • Start an exercise journal and track your progress
  • Find a neighbor or friend to run or walk with you
  • Join an exercise or running group
  • Create a daily routine – if you exercise early in the morning, it will help you to be more  productive at work and you will have it done so there are no excuses after work!
  • Buy new shoes and running outfits – this is one of the best ways that gets me motivated
  • Always run with an i.d. – I wear Road ID (www.roadid.com)

Enjoy the fall weather and get out and get moving!!  Laura


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